Monday, July 4, 2022

Residency 4, Day 13: 'Good taste is as tiring as good company.' - Francis Picabia

Whilst today was productive, there is much to be done. Was in the company of seemingly relaxed genius Stephen Canty for whom most challenges are easily and efficiently overcome. Spoke to Philosopher of Aesthetics John Roberts about some exciting writing he is doing. More about that in due course. The brilliance and faultiness of Flann O'Brien was given attention. His writing, like so manys', missed out on the existence of women. Had an exchange with Caroline Bassett who has just published Anti-Computing (dissent against the machine): Discussed #mondaysimage with artist Lisa Blas: A road-trip to Waterford, Wexford (Arts Centre), Clara Co. Offaly, Galway, Drogheda (Highlanes Gallery), and back down to Skibbereen is planned, with workshops and discussions and pickups and house-checks and more on route. Whilst today was productive, there is much to be done.

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