Saturday, April 10, 2021

Residency 1, Day 15: 'What kinds of thing do you do [Bryan]?' - Jessica Stevenson

Residencies, a word associated mainly with the so called art world, is one to get tired of. People do them in all sorts of institutions and non-institutions: a certain Ivan Pope I know became artist in residence at a dump. There's an inclination for people to complain that residencies only suit those with no responsibilities and no strings attached, and that this works against the illusive 'inclusiveness'. Now that my offspring are old enough to not want me around much though, I appreciate being able to get more of this residency action.

The one completed today was peculiar for sure, due to my being lodged in a studio I have used for the past decade and a half instead of at Uillinn, like in 2019, as was hoped. Speaking of which, studios are seen as a problem too and became an anachronistic concept in the, 'em, conceptual art years. Studios are by some, associated with a dim and distant past, in which hero artists ground out their works in glorious isolation. Personally I oscillate. It has to be said that the famous exchange in 1990s sitcom Spaced is a most useful summary of three different historical modes of art production. And, joking aside, isn't Bryan's version still the seductive one?

The fifteen day continuous period - including two or three Christians hold dear - cannot be neatly packaged up. I have succeeded in dealing with all three of the collaborations (mentioned on Day 1 or Day 2) which were bothering me and irresistible at the same time. Secondly it's been possible to push forward with new lines of inquiry which may come to fruition for the 2022 exhibition. Though I did not do any more TripAdvisor work as half-intended, maybe this was because the need to annoy T Rump  - remember that freak! - has passed.

Quite a few visitors appeared on the screen earlier in the day, including a more dodgy Zoom bomber, and two mysterious others. In the process of removing them, I accidentally also ejected friend and past collaborator Daniel Hignell / Distant Animals. Pity, it would have been good to talk. It was pleasing as always to engage with TV personality Jonathan Swain a bit later.

Well, I'm not interested in going into detail in advance of resolving things but potential works to develop further include a model wind farm of sorts, a plan connected with wind turbine blades, a film using recordings of toy turbines in front of their Zoom reflections, that High-Res-Erection animation or 'simupoem'. Also I have been interviewing interesting women-artist-golfers. HOW BAD?

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