Sunday, April 4, 2021

Residency 1, Day 9: 'People liking you or not liking you is an accident and is to do with them and not you. That goes for love too, only more so.' - Edna O'Brien

I did a lot to edit the interview with Hilary Williams, an artist who has played, and still does play, golf. The result is affecting and interesting but, for a few reasons, I may not use it. More dialogue and consideration will be necessary. Zoom was on 'record' as I walked over to the studio this morning, but it ended up capturing what was going on inside the studio, i.e. not very much,, rather than the walk itself.

The photographs sent off to print from that work done on Day 4 (see that post for the background story) had arrived. I ended up deciding to quite-meticulously cut each of the component montaged objects out of these. So what's left are smaller flatter versions of the originals. They all fit into a smaller envelope now, the sleeve the photos arrived in, in fact. So that's the mail-art job done, and sent on to Emma Stone-Johnson. Before doing so I laid all the pieces on a fully opened-out laptop keyboard and screen - I didn't realise you could do that - so that it formed one flat square-ish surface, with the original proposal email from Rupert Hartley visible on the screen. Photographing this, in turn, on the LG, from above made for a delightful Instagram post. One of the expectations with this mail-art game is that participants post there with certain hashtags and handles. I did not really have to mail the thing to Emma because her studio is down the corridor from me at APEC. There's a hell of a lot of this kind of relay work has been going on during lockdown! Jenny Odell, whom I know from Les Recontres d'Arles 2011, is right: humans find it hard to do nothing. Personally I put it down to an unnecessarily overdeveloped brain and ridiculously elaborate language ability.
This is Easter Sunday right? A big day for resurrections and insurrections, risings and perhaps erections. I had been planning to release that new simupoem - most available here but this new one and some others are hidden: email me if you want to see 'em - connected with turbine blades, on this date but it can wait until next year. At some point I stumbled across an old pic of Second Life avatar Mocksim Zapotocky too. 

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