Friday, April 9, 2021

Residency 1, Day 14: 'I don't use old music.' - György Ligeti

Some of today involved looking at photos and plans to both remind and give more exact dimensions of the two Gallery Spaces at Uillinn. These were kindly supplied by Operations Manager Stephen Canty, there. Maybe a 3D model would be useful: I could knock one up. There are some other figures that would be useful to have. Some trigonometry will be necessary to calculate the lengths connected with that turbine blade idea.

Mucking around with those battery powered 'Windmills' has got me thinking I need to contact the supplier (in Nenagh) again and press them on the robustness of these toys. It would be a fine thing to have one hundred of them, and I think the wastefulness of that would justified, and minimal compared to some other activities on this planet. Anyway, the plan with those reminded of Poème Symphonique, György Ligeti's 1962 composition by for one hundred mechanical metronomes.

The demand for ABCOA required another trip to the post-office. Ones being sent to the USA need to be forwarded on because that's cheaper than sending directly from that mighty platform or app, PC2Paper.

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