Friday, April 2, 2021

Residency 1: Day 7: 'Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram... capitalize on our natural interest in others... hijacking and frustrating our most innate desires'' - Jenny Odell

I left the studio for a while and streamed and recorded the stroll to Zoom through the old LG Phone (Life's Good!) to the machine left running, back in the studio. A For Sale sign was discovered lying on the footpath outside a house and it seemed sensible to bring the thing back to join the collection of, mainly, Sold signs. The latter were obtained as part of a public service I offer. These have been exhibited a few times too and are considered fine art, for example at The Cello Factory near Waterloo Station in London: A critic had used the word heraldic in her positive appraisal of these leaning over a balcony, so that those below could observe from a perfect distance.

Later, I got back to work connected directly with one of the remits for the Uillinn show in 2022. Toy turbines were placed in front of the Zoom camera/laptop again and this time recorded via Zoom. I realised, looking at the footage afterwards, which I also appear in, that I sometimes either talk to myself whilst typing, or, when concentrating, purse my lips habitually. The latter, tic of sorts, has been a source of amusement for the daughters (and perceptive others) over the years, though I have never witnessed the behaviour myself.


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