Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Residency 1, Day 12: 'Objects always meet your obsession. Once you have an obsession, you step on it at every corner.' - Sophie Calle

I had someone from California - it was 3am in the morning there - watch and interact. At first this seemed like a bomber or bot or troller but in the end I concluded that they were probably legit. The person also followed me on Twitter. In normal life, on the streets, following someone would be creepy and wrong but it is the term of choice on social media and seen positively. Israel Tamayo seemed fine btw: I am simply generalising. Here is the exchange:

10:37:17 From juan to MOCKSIM: Hello
10:42:32 From juan to MOCKSIM: Sir
10:47:47 From juan to MOCKSIM: Talk to me sir
11:13:50 From Mocksim to check messages juan: in 10 mins or so ok?
11:14:34 From juan to MOCKSIM: Ok thanks
11:21:07 From Mocksim to juan: just want to hear the this part of prog. on radio
11:21:21 From check messages to MOCKSIM: Ok ill be here
11:25:51 From juan to MOCKSIM: Yeah
11:26:14 From juan to MOCKSIM: Yhea
11:26:22 From Micheál (Mocksim) O'Connell to Everyone: How about now?
11:26:52 From juan to MOCKSIM: Yhea
11:27:11 From juan to MOCKSIM: Says i cant chat with u
11:28:02 From Micheál (Mocksim) O'Connell to Everyone: Okay
11:28:12 From Micheál (Mocksim) O'Connell to Everyone: We know eachother?
11:28:58 From juan to MOCKSIM: juan - No i found the link through a random twitter search
11:29:04 From Micheál (Mocksim) O'Connell to Everyone: Where is that?
11:29:28 From juan to Everyone: California
11:30:46 From juan to MOCKSIM: Hello
11:31:14 From Micheál (Mocksim) O'Connell to Everyone: 3am in California?
11:31:25 From juan to MOCKSIM: Yes sir
11:31:34 From Micheál (Mocksim) O'Connell to Everyone: oh ya
11:32:39 From juan to MOCKSIM: So like why do u let strangers watch u work.
11:33:10 From juan to MOCKSIM: Not much for conversation imsee lol
11:33:19 From juan to MOCKSIM: I see *
11:34:10 From Mocksim to Everyone: sorry
11:34:29 From Mocksim to Everyone: you an artist?
11:35:17 From juan to MOCKSIM: No problem thanks for keeping me company i followed your Twitter
11:37:16 From Mocksim to juan: what are u on twitteer
11:38:19 From juan to MOCKSIM: Israeltamayo2
11:40:33 From juan to MOCKSIM: why am i blocked¿ Thought we were havin a pleasant time
11:49:38 From Mocksim to juan: blocked?
11:49:51 From juan to MOCKSIM: On twitter yes
11:49:54 From Mocksim to juan: i thought you were a bot
11:49:59 From Mocksim to juan: no followers etc.
11:52:35 From juan to MOCKSIM: Juan just dont really use twitter as a social .mainly for news updates
11:53:09 From juan to MOCKSIM: juan. Can i be unblocked sir
11:53:38 From Mocksim to juan: done
11:54:11 From jaun to MOCKSIM: Cool
11:54:16 From Mocksim to Everyone: but i need more info about you because it’s weirdly anonymous
11:54:17 From juan to MOCKSIM: Thanks
11:54:33 From juan to MOCKSIM: Ok sure
11:54:36 From Mocksim to juan: more open web presence etc.
11:54:45 From Mocksim to juan: otherwise i cut off
11:55:20 From juan to: Im israel tamayo. 22 university student.
11:56:14 From juan to: Enjoy joining random open zoom calls from time to time not to be weird but just to see whats going on lol
12:00:09 From Mocksim to israel tamayo: ok - what are you studying
12:00:19 From israel tamayo to: Psychology
12:00:28 From Mocksim to israel tamayo: very good
12:00:58 From israel tamayo to: Graduating with high honers in 2 months sir
12:01:08 From Mocksim to israel tamayo: nice one
12:01:24 From Mocksim to israel tamayo: i have another call n0w
12:01:45 From israel tamayo to: Can i keep calling u sir¿
12:02:32 From jennifer redmond to Everyone: Hi Micheal, are you live yet?
12:02:36 From israel tamayo to: No problem I’ll be leaving

Later on I had a good discussion with Jennifer Redmond. Golf got a few mentions in this conversation.

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