Friday, July 15, 2022

Residency 4, Day 24: 'Elitist art for everyone!' - Antoine Vitez

Holy shit: everything is coming together here, in and around Studio 3:

I was thinking earlier about Institutional Critique, and not only about how necessary the set of approaches was. Maybe a degree of it is always important, years ago I co-ran an event called 'Bite the Hand that Feeds you', but is an apparent fingers-up to all institutions to be trusted really? And hasn't much of what was worth doing already been done. It is interesting too to defend and embrace institutions? On a nuts-and-bolts level, what is wrong with a plinth? Answer me that? Speaking of which, four will be produced for the September opening. In the end it feels better than resorting to upturned recycling bins. I want to bend the stick back towards tradition a fraction, and incorporate some of the paraphernalia associated with gallery exhibiting.

Also I want to credit the numerous firms who have helped. (Football and sports programmes often did, and still do, this. Am thinking of those heady days, trying to help organise the Blarney Three Day - which included creating drawings for the daily general classification, a rudimentary photocopied publication - whilst simultaneously racing in it.) Here's the list so far, maybe missing some:
  • Leslie Roycroft and Sons Garage (used car, delivery and setup)
  • Barry Brothers Builders Merchants (the pipes, the pipes...)
  • Thornhill Electrical (site of numerous experiments and workshops)
  • Kavanaghs Toys, Wexford (battery powered wind turbines)
  • TechSilver (motion activated audio devices)
  • Imagine Inflatables (inflatables)
  • Earthmill Maintenance (for ?)
  • Drinagh Pharmacy (my photography printers)
  • Digital Printing Ireland (post-cards)
  • Carbery Road Bowling (they'll run a workshop)
  • Countryside Sports (road bowling balls)
  • Designs and Signs, Bantry (large print on corra)
  • O'Reilly Couriers Goleen (print transport)
  • Blackwater Motors (car rental)
  • Bally Bia Restaurant (formerly a petrol station)
  • Your Surprise .ie (hi-vis jackets)
  • Skibbereen Tool Hire, Stephen Redmond (fencing for car)
  • Blueprints Express, Galway (A0 prints)
  • Hideaway Camping (I spent a lot of time here)
  • The Ludgate Hub (Very useful in fact)
and others...

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