Monday, March 29, 2021

Residency 1, Day 3: 'Why Games, Or, Can Art Workers Think?' - Hito Steyerl

It will be important NOT to attempt share everything here about how the commissioned work is developing. At any rate, even if that were possible, it would render unnecessary the need for the exhibition in the final place. Nevertheless, some boundary-muddying will be engaged with and to a degree, this is the public face of the 'sketchbook'.

A few attempts were made to create a more comprehensive film documenting the ABCOA work, involving 61 other artists, including myself. It seems a bit long though the film, at about 15mins. I'd like to find a way of getting it down to 10mins but still get everyone in as Duncan Wooldridge recommends.

A Zoom-bomber appeared at one point. They performed in a way that was meant to be disruptive, and posted some aggressive comments in the chat: '14:03:37 From Dominik Delamata to Everyone : no one gives a fuck bitch.' I only discovered these comments later. Zoom has been sending daily automated friendly warnings about having posted the conference link on social media, but what's happening here is not, in fact, a conference, nor a meeting of any sort. I had, more or less, encouraged anyone who wanted to come along, to take a peek. Mostly I have the speakers off. In the case of Dominik Delamata, I changed their display name to 'Zoom-bombing Idiot' - I'm the host - and let them carry on with it. After a while they left. Interesting, or not. Dunno. Christopher Clack and maybe another was there at the same time.

Paul McNally, whom I've only ever 'known' on Facebook, signed in today for many hours, so it felt as though we were working in one extended space. We did not speak once. Occasionally I brought stuff to the laptop camera and shared but, for the most part, we ignored each other. Many others appeared, but I continued with my commitment not to engage fully. I did have a conversation with Dagmar Glausnitzer early in the morning. Later Mairéad McVeigh appeared, Yorgos Karagiannakis for a bit and others I may have missed. I was not always aware of the screen. John Halpin for example told me at a later stage that he had turned up one day, Robin Blackledge possibly appeared for a while. Lashed on a bit of Bach to deal with the post-bomber mild trauma.

Clarity is emerging in the head department as the three collaborations mentioned go under the belt. It's been possible to play around with investigations into wind-turbines, toy versions or otherwise, golf, and I have been wondering about the dimensions of the spaces at Uillinn. The thought of obtaining a wind turbine blade, or having something similar, and large, fashioned is becoming a factor in the equation.

Today podcaster and Uillinn blogger Gavin Buckley interviewed me. Afterwards, I felt like I had talked a bit too much, or talked 'at' him rather than conversing properly. This can happen,  and I am from Blarney after all: hopefully something coherent emerges.

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