Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Residency 3, Day 12: 'Polished, 5,500-Year-Old Stone Balls Found in Neolithic Scottish Tomb' - Livia Gershon, the Smithsonian

Just been listing works produced for these commissions, and thinking about where to put them:

Questions to manage:
  1. Messy or ordered?
  2. Minimalist or maximalist / Use of space?
  3. Need to justify the presence of less-connected ones (other than because I am drawn to their unusual forms)?
  4. Whether to take a 'Please do not touch the artworks' or opposite approach?
  5. (Appropriate) barriers around pieces or not?
  6. Suitable for children or not?
  7. Tension between intimidating/unpleasant affects and seductive ones.
  8. To display exchanges with 'partners' etc.
  9. Wit to be subtracted or added?
  10. Subtraction generally. Have I got the guts to subtract? 
  11. What about feedback, surveillance, 'digital' and systems aspects?
  12. The writing and how to disseminate:
    • audio?
    • NFT?
    • treasure hunt?
    • pdf?
    • booklet (quality)?
    • booklet POD?
  13. Make an open call or not
  14. Organise a panel discussion or debate with main political parties (in process)?
  15. Organise a suitable social event?

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