Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Residency 3, Day 5: 'Toys are not innocent.' - Chris Burden

'I still collect toys. Toys are a reflection of society. They are the tools that society uses to teach and enculturate children into the adult world. Toys are not innocent.' said the great Chris Burden.

No time to do a proper post today. In the midst of a talk on cybernetics. Had to drive a bit today. Two days ago went to visit potential car supply place. That was good. Thinking about what is necessary. Thinking about the costs. Had bought toy cars too. Might use them.

Ann Davoren had sent me interesting material about Mexican artist Jorge Satorre who worked out of the West Cork Arts Centre a few years ago. He, for example, did a census of all the dead cars on Sherkin Island.

Phenomenal copycat artist Eric Doeringer posted this clip of a famous Chris Burden work earlier: More on that:

I passed these beauties earlier:

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