Saturday, April 9, 2022

Residency 3, Day 1: 'So far as we feel sympathy, we feel we are not accomplices to what caused the suffering.' - Susan Sontag

I saw this, this very morning:

and then found the location online, and the Street View images from 2009:

At least I think it's the same car.

Unfortunately the Citroen Picasso (see, I had my eye on, to exhibit in September, has been bought by a mysterious other party. Now I'm looking into alternatives, for example bailed scrap cars, and miniature toy cars. Am keen on pursuing this and am not sure where it will end up exactly. Cars are handy, most would agree, but they are also an accepted form of extreme violence, in our midst. Some driving is necessary, driving has its charms too, but so does heroin (I am told). Background material on artists using cars:

Installed myself in the studio today. There isn't much to say. Met a load of familiar and some new faces. conducted a number of both short and medium-length intense conversations. Saw some very fine work installed and on display by Michael Holly in one gallery and Tomasz Madajczak in another. Very helpful discussions were had, and actual live experiments were carried out, at Thornhill Electrical of Skibbereen, whom I now consider myself to be partnering with. Purchases resulted. Bought some crayons as well. Later I began 'programming' my joke Internet of Things' (IoT)/ stupid devices, which are always better:

Add the 'Id' to IoT and you get Idiot.

It is all about NETWORKS:

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