Saturday, July 10, 2021

Residency 2, Day 10: 'The art world, of all worlds, has room for everyone.' - Michael Craig Martin

Been doing some field recordings:

Photo: Brendan Lyons

It was useful to discuss the work in progress this afternoon with dance artist, choreographer and researcher Dr Mairéad Vaughan {who's dad went to school with my dad [in north Cork] as it happens, and who's mother is close friends with mine, and who, like me, grew up (if that's the right term) mostly in Blarney}. The plan was to swap thoughts about each other's work and, in the weeks ahead, I intend to do this with two others as well. And always there are exchanges with Uillinn's Stephen Canty. Some, not-comprehensive, rough reminder notes and questions arising from today (for my own use: make of them what you will):

- To what extent is it really possible to think ahead, plan and imagine?
- The aesthetics can arise from the process and from being true to the materials.
- Leaving things as they are, rather than manipulating found items, is a strategy.
- Having the IWTs made seems to run contrary to this though however it has been possible to use existing designs, and to submit to what is practical, would cost less and what the factory recommends. Hands off Mocksim! 
- As decided, and mentioned in previous posts, 'found' here could mean bought in a shop. I like off-the-shelf products. Art as 'going to the shops'.
- The deflated GAA footballs were discussed.
- The question of whether it is acceptable for visitors to touch or handle work in a gallery setting, say, came up. In the past I have played with the thresholds here so that it is not clear. Or can the setup itself indicate what might be appropriate. The toy turbines and golf balls are now looking more interesting. 
- Not wanting to hide anything: interested in showing the workings.
- Openness versus earnestness versus jokiness mentioned.
- If there is no meaning in the universe, and no point in anything, then what do you do? Artists are lucky in this regard. Knowing that there is no meaning is liberating but what prevents setups or scenarios seeming just 'random'?
Rather than rely on headphones sound will come from speakers and bleed through the spaces in some way.
- I want to discuss the stairwells. Could these be places to present the results of an open call or left unused?

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