Monday, July 19, 2021

Residency 2, Day 19: 'I would like the work to be non-work.' - Eva Hesse

I did yet more work on that film/slideshow:
And the third of those mutual exchanges about work, complete and in process, this time with Kate McElroy, was had. I caught up and added some notes on the latter later. Coming my way were useful questions about the relevance of sports balls generally in the context wind farm and golf work. I have something to work out here. Also maybe the pipes alone in Gallery 2 would be a bold and reasonable decision to make. The camera shutter sound on the film above, speeded up as it is, may not be adequate. Much other discussion was had about environmental technologies, rewilding, the status of the fili in ancient Ireland, uncertainty, the tension between the unknown and a desire for order, understanding and, well, grid systems. Also an important point about kitsch, versus concerns about formal considerations such as the colour of the IWTs (you won't know what these are {yet}) was made. I gave some feedback on Kate's work in Studio 3, or is it Studio 1? Not sure how long the studio exhibition will be open to the public, but please go and see it if you are within reach of Uillinn

Earlier in the afternoon I had chatted with Cork Beo's finest reporter about camping on golf courses. Watch this space...

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