Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Residency 2, Day 14: 'Some writers suffer through that process, but I enjoy it.' - Arundhati Roy

It turns out the car requires repairs. The amazing mechanics here will be looking at it and used the word 'sump':
This means that I was not able to get over to the West Cork Arts Centre today, but I'll be situated in Skibbereen without wheels for at least a few days, and that will be a good thing. There were some turbines near the friend's house, I stayed at last night, but for some reason it did not seem too interesting to approach them, to tilt at them, or whatever. The idea of using the long tracts of rough roadway that now connect many series of turbines occurred to me, for some sporting event maybe. The surface is probably unsuitable for road bowling but a (mountain) bike race would make sense. I need to discuss with others and ask some questions.


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