Thursday, July 22, 2021

Residency 2, Day 22: 'Linking or citing stands in for reading, which stands in for engaging' - Jodi Dean

Waiting for Car-ot

I am back in the studio after two days away from it. The week ahead will involve finalising a lot of stuff:
1. A list of works that would go in an exhibition as if it were happening in a few weeks time including drawings indicating where the pieces might go. Even though this is not the real situation, the exercise is a useful one. Some time in advance, I need to deal with items of scale, and any uncertainty, the costs of obtaining, transporting and presenting those. Various parties need to be discussed with: the IWT and piping people That is not to say that there will be no challenges, nor aspects to resolve in the year ahead. The right kind of perfectionism will be brought to bear on the work as the months pass, and it is always a case of 90% perspiration, 10% inspiration.
2. Finalise a budget for the above.
3. Create a proposal describing this work for touring purposes.
4.  A very fine philosopher or art and aesthetics has offered to do a piece of writing to go with the show. Rather than this appear simply as a catalogue piece some other ideas are being considered, in tune with the kind of work I do.
5. Decide what to do with materials accumulated here in the studio before I leave, where to store them.
6. More experiments with projectors and screens.
7. More experiments with acoustics.
8. Try out chargeable batteries, and test duration and how long they take to charge up.

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