Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Residency 2: Day 27: 'Every artist is crazy with respect to ordinary life.' - Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven

I am the last person to mystify coincidences. Every Tom, Dick and Harry, every Siobhán, Fionnuala and Olanrewaju drones on about them, like science and probability and statistics and psychology had never been invented. These people look at you knowingly, expecting collusion with their adolescent thought processes. Okay, should stop now: heading into rudeness...

This afternoon has seen a sequence of coincidences, small and maybe larger eureka moments, and anything good that happens, in art terms, seems to involve such. I need to get out of the studio for tonight, but, before, just to quickly jot the progress down:

1. Writer and folk-art person Sara Baumes was being mentioned admiringly to me by Claire L. at Uillinn, when, in walks Ann D. with three of the author's books in a paper bag. There is a link too with Mark, the fishing world champion and fine craftsperson I have chatted with a lot in the past few weeks.

2. Later Jamie Ashfort walked past Studio 2 and we had a conversation about her recent affecting Road Books (Peter Morgan and Judy Kravis) residency https://www.roadbooks.ie/residency. I was demonstrating something very exciting, to my mind at least, about the rotating toy wind turbines: they move of their own accord over time, slowly, due to the vibrations and weight distribution probably, but as if exhibiting agency, intelligence; they rotate, in effect, in a second way, on the horizontal plane!!!

3. Then weirdly J. noticed the chance colour coordination of my tent and groundsheet with the toy turbine boxes, as they are arranged in the studio:

4. Next it occurred to me that there was some more freaky unexpected dubious logic to the juxtaposing of the basketball and the sewerage pipe:

5. I had been working with the second, better quality film, of the toy turbines and golf balls from yesterday, the one with Read-out-Loud for a piece of writing playing via speakers in the background, and trying to auto-transcribe it. A few attempts, with Zoom and YouTube's in-house tools for example, failed. The acoustics in the studios, with their high ceilings and hard walls, are, naturally, poor and there is lots of noise from the turbines in the film too, but I wanted to see how the auto-transcription A.I. would cope. Eventually I found this and used it: https://otter.ai/. Here is the result: https://otter.ai/u/dYnQZbWndPFvryyQ90qwSAjIBKg and pasted below:

'Through my understanding of information about machine intelligence to provide insight into human cognition and creativity, rather than the importance of truth in everyday life. That is not the same is true for hire she says in a recession with chocolate have to define what the problem is to get the most out of that place as mentioned in the same package, when faced by the example of a wizard working a long time to find participation is not the same as simple choices when you're trying to make an academic work that's providing feedback or documented information. On 157 60, accommodation system sensitive information matters at all points. And I'm not here to defend your project, either directly or through your console messages, or notify me when there's a lot of confusion with the regulation. Today remain in power and industries are given a series of engineering roles in combat for more than the use of residency in childhood or using medical drugs and improve employment. Culture, it is time to determine whether the hero he sends information to software and hardware does not rely solely on a certain amount of data at the island, early 1992 and 1999 depending on the orientation, also, the knowledge and knowledge necessary to have been tested and collected over 100 direct instruction for mankind from the current record into two versions of the Superfly standard the Christian Bible, Catholic children are expected to learn how to monitor the separation of concerns determine whether to gamble personal devices according to the Chinese government and alcohol recovery programme was established in 2007. So fresh Are you know, sacrifices that they have here are determined by the person. Sometimes they lost the ability to break the habit for a lot of judgement, that they use computer choices and different rounds of instructions without knowing how to better themselves. You didn't know what to say is not that different from everyone else. Are you determining behaviour for the use of human understanding as it is in the keynote? Tomorrow, powerful imaginary government services centuries of biology current and evolutionary on developing and more'

And although the possibility of there being value in mimicking Dada now - I have had a few chats about this recently due to the current exhibition at Uillinn, WCAC - is ludicrous - style is a tyranny after all - there's something about the algorithm doing Dada that seems pertinent to the times we are in.

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