Monday, July 12, 2021

Residency 2, Day 12: 'I am known as someone who is difficult to be understood, and I can live with that.' - Haegue Yang

Some antics and readymade material I may use:

I was worried about the younger daughter (17) who is in another country and having to isolate because an acquaintance she met tested positive, and the other, older, daughter who had been in a pub last night (in the country just hinted at) which might have contained les houligans but both are fine and managing.
The car I bought at Skibbereen Saturday Market is giving me some gyp, noticed on a drive from Cork City this morning. The hope is that the issues are minor. Today was more productive than expected. Much filming was done, sound recordings made, TripAdvisor engaged with and editing carried out. It'll be important not to accumulate too much. As a thought (and planning) experiment I will operate as if the show were going up in a few weeks time rather than in September 2022.

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