Thursday, July 29, 2021

Residency 2, Day 29: 'Strategy?' ‘It isn’t too complex really, just A to B as fast as you can go.' - O'Donovan brothers Skibbereen

Completed this today:
An Olympic special if you like. In keeping with the Now Man work of the past. Thanks to Gavin Buckley for assistance with the stills photography earlier.

And this one here is from yesterday really, just an experiment, not necessarily a masterpiece like the job above:

Later I sent this letter in the post to Kevin Systrom, Instagram, 181 Fremont Street, San Francisco, California, 94105-2207, USA. Let's see if a response comes:


Uillinn/ West Cork Arts Centre
Co. Cork
P81 VW984
Republic of Ireland
29th July 2021

Dear Kevin

Following my letters to you in May (sent from a different address) I'm afraid I have some further sad news to share with you. Though the problem I reported was solved back then, mysteriously in fact, I am now experiencing new ones. This began yesterday. I cannot access your lovely creation, Instagram, properly, and am expected instead to interact with dialogue boxes, containing meaningless or confusing messages. I pasted a sample of these into a blog post for 28th July:,, and please find them also attached below. I look forward to your reply.


Dr Micheál O'Connell
Cell +** **** *** ***


And that seemed to work. Instagram is back on for me, already (writing later). But the letter was sent by real mail, as in land post. The AI is getting better!

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