Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Residency 2, Day 13: 'If I take photographs of everything then everything will be okay’' - Miriam O'Connor

Today involved a lot of discussions and meetings and a taking stock of what is planned so far. Things were discussed with Stephen Canty and some tech and objects brought into Studio 2 (a section of sewage pipe and two sets of speakers to be precise). I went into some detail on the current state of affairs with centre director Ann Davoren. Then Jonathan Swain paid a visit by video-call and it was possible to pick his super-brains: provisionally we will have a working meeting once per month. After that I attended another artist's talk and Q&A by the brilliant Miriam O'Connor. The VAI hosted presentation was billed as a 'webinar' but turned out to be a real live event: much better.

Lastly I vacated the studio for a while to allow a passing mother and her young daughter in to look around. They spent ages discussing and handling the collection of sports balls (for {Gaelic} football, basketball, hurling, road-bowling, tennis, golf, table tennis, marbles and maybe a maybe few more, can't recall) and interacting with the toy wind-turbines I have going in there. It is not too surprised that these objects would be of interest but there were other levels to their activity and conversation which surprised: it'll inform the decision making and I do appreciate the visitors' input.

Now I am up in the hills above Ballingeary where there's little internet, so pictures will have to wait. It's a relief to be off grid in fact. Good chats about Roy Keane, historical poverty in Dublin, and how great it is that schools today are not the blatantly violent places they once were. Tomorrow I get to hook up with mother, the legendry Nanna Sheila to her grandchildren.

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