Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Residency 2, Day 6: 'Our epoch does not love itself.' - Bernard Stiegler

Photo Credits: Cecily O'Connell

I met Glenn Loughran today and discovered that he had been collaborating with the late Bernard Stiegler! The short conversation and experience of student work on the Art and Environment MA course has got me thinking differently about VR headsets. What would Stiegler be writing about them, if anything? Not completely unconnected with this subject, tomorrow I will meet my aging mother, not via video call, nor the medium I have always most disliked, telephone, but in RL, in close proximity, for the first time in two years. It'll be possible to simply sit with her and not fill the space with continuous communications. It'll be possible to take time.

Chatted with Mark Beatty (Studio 1) today about his impressive mesmerising work in progress and Kate McElroy (Studio 3) for a bit about her unusually presented photography which has been open to the public. At last I made it out to visit James Turrell’s Irish Sky Garden at Liss Ard spending some time lying there, looking up, alone. Hours later I still feel Zen-ed out.

Rough, esoterically written in part, plan for the week or so ahead:

  • Get some of those drainage, and other kinds of, pipes into Gallery 1 to test the feasibility of doing what I discussed with Stephen Canty yesterday. Being able to translate vague visions into the language of builder’s yard people is no small task and it was useful to have two of us there to face up to these specialists.
  • Measure up properly in Gallery 1 and 2.
  • Proceed with work on the IWTs for Gallery 2. When will the suppliers be able answer my questions? Will this still be a worthwhile object-idea in a year’s time?
  • Borrow/obtain a better device for some field sound recording: do 'Sat Nav Symphony' around Skib.
  • Borrow a DSLR for filming with: to do the traffic work.
  • Could do with a speaker, and a reccy of what sort of equipment there is for audio playing at Uillinn.
  • Also ask about projectors.

Consider more whether there are digital and algorithmic links to all this work I am doing? The TripAdvisor initiative fits with these concerns yea. Not everyone appreciates the potential for analogising between the road system, a network along which packages travel, and the internet, which relies on the elegance of ‘packet switching’ allowing information to flow along different available electronic routes as if it has a mind if its own. One network reflects another.

Over for now, from the hills outside Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh. Here's the podcast interview by Gavin Buckley: 

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